About Us


Our store has a huge display area, fully stocked with high quality fresh game meats.

Our game meats started with the staples of Bison, Lamb and kept growing because of our customer requests. We have access to some of the most interesting, nutritious and tasty cuts of meat you will ever find. We are also one of the few suppliers of Dry-aged beef in the province.

Most of our staff are fully qualified butchers and we pride ourselves on our service and product knowledge. Go ahead, ask us a question. We sell only the best!

Some of our products (burgers) are manufactured at our retail shop. We also work with our suppliers to provide a unique array of sausage and other products. We freshly bone all our cuts of meat.

Surf & Turf Blue Mountains also has a selection of seafood at great prices.

Along with retail sales, Surf & Turf Blue Mountains also sells to many of the largest food service distributing companies in Canada. Chances are that if you’ve had a bison steak at a restaurant it was from us.

Come in, shop on-line, either way you won’t find a better product anywhere.