3lb Wild Boar Shoulder Roast


Wild Boar are notoriously savage and unpredictable animals; they can weigh up to 900 pounds and have very sharp teeth and tusks. Wild Boar have been prized for centuries across the whole of Europe, Scandinavia, and southern Russia, and were once considered the royal meat of kings.

Introduced to North America in 1893 and again to several estates in the south during the 1920’s, Wild Boar escaped and cross bred with domestic pigs. In Canada, raising Wild Boar in captivity began in the mid 1980’s in Manitoba and soon gained popularity. By 1991 there were approximately 15 to 20 producers of Wild Boar. Today, there are about 60 producers in Manitoba who collectively own over 2,000 breeding animals. We also receive wild boar from Saskatchewan. Wild Boar is fed wild grasses and grains in a free range,free choice environment. Wild Boar is leaner and more flavorful than regular pork. It is darker in color and has a distinctive flavor with a hint of its wild heritage.

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