FROZEN – Elk Rack


3lbs for $59.99

Elk meat is venison as well as other deer species, but becuase of their grazing nature the meat tends to be much milder than their wild cousins, the whitetail. The Elk diet will consist of 80% grasses. Due to their high concentation of green feed their fat content, of which there is very little, is high in Omega 3 fatty acids (the fat we need to add more of to our unbalanced diet).

Produced in a range-free environment, Elk is an obvious choice for health-conscious, ethical consumers who want to enjoy the rich, sweet, tender taste of a naturally superior red meat that is both lean, yet rich in texture and full of natural flavour.

  • Racks are sized between 5 and 6lbs each.
  • Large orders will be sized accordingly (we will contact you if in doubt)

This is a fresh product. All our fresh products are vacuum packed the day your order is processed at our Lakeshore store. This offers eight (8) days of fresh shelf life from arrival at your door unless otherwise stated.

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